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Sanibel Photographer/Lighthouse beach

Sanibel Photographer at the Lighthouse Beach

Sanibel photographer Nick Adams has many locations that he regularly uses but the Lighthouse is one of his favorites. Nick recently photographed the Rutt family from Colorado at the Lighthouse. It was a less than impressive evening but Nick stated that “the Sanibel Lighthouse is always a good choice during inclement weather situations. If we can reschedule then we will but our clients cannot always do that.  The good thing about the Lighthouse is not only do you have the lush tropical colors of the foliage but geographically speaking, you can always walk around the tip of the Sanibel Island to shelter from the wind. We are also blessed with some beautiful driftwood that has washed up on the beach over the years”. The Sanibel photographer added whimsically: “What’s better than driftwood for a family beach portrait?”. The Lighthouse is located at the most southeasterly tip of Sanibel Island. The Sanibel Lighthouse is a mecca for shelling and dolphin watching. Shelling is fantastic because geographically the Gulf of Mexico predominantly travels from north to south.  As it passes by the bottom end of Sanibel Island the water swirls around the end of the island and deposits sea shells, driftwood and other ocean artifacts.  For this reason, if you were to start walking from the Sanibel Lighthouse towards Captiva along the beach, the further you go, the less shells you will find. The dolphins also enjoy the tip of the island for a different reason. The tide is very strong as it travels past the end of the island. It’s either on its way to the Caloosahatchee River or leaving the Caloosahatchee River out to the Gulf of Mexico. For that reason a deep channel has naturally been carved into the seabed. If you walk out from the end of the island you will find the water very shallow and then after a few yards you will feel the seabed drop away. The seabed drops from to around 5′ to around 25′-30′ in a matter of a yards. This channel is horseshoe shaped and follows the contours of the tip of the island. If you go to the lighthouse at low tide the channel becomes more like a river and you can quite often find dolphin herding fish along the channel. They coral them into a dead end, where the fish will meet an untimely demise:( It is a sight to see, lots of splashing and dolphins in large numbers, it’s pretty spectacular. A great way to see the dolphins up close is by boat. The Sanibel Thriller runs a trip out of the Sanibel Marina on the East end of the Island.  Reserve a seat towards the back, its the best place to see the dolphins from. You will also get a 90 minute tour of the island.

Nick received wonderful compliment from the Rutt family:

“Just an FYI…the pictures turned out fantastic like always.  I am sure we will be seeing you next summer J”

Forever grateful to have such great clients, on behalf of Nick we would like to say a big thank you… and we definitely look forward to next year:)

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