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Slow Motion Video Booth!

Slow Motion Video Booth

This weekend we used our slow motion video booth for a wedding at The Sanctuary Golf Club on Sanibel Island. It really is a blast. We have a backdrop set up with lots of props on tables. It literally took a couple of minutes after it opened for everyone to start joining in the fun. The hilarious part is

Nick Adams Photography/ Slow Motion video Booth

Slow Motion Booth Fun

Nick Adams Photography/ Slow Motion video Booth

Lovely Bunch of Coconuts!

Nick Adams Photography/ Slow Motion video Booth

Slow Motion Booth Poppers!

Nick Adams Photography/ Slow Motion video Booth

Pregnancy in Slow Motion:)

Slow motion video booth

when people get to see the slow motion video clips right there and then on the screen. You could hear nothing but roaring laughter coming from the booth. The ironic part is that the bride said she wasn’t really “the photo booth type” luckily she trusted our judgment and it was a huge hit. We have had a photo booth for the last several years and while it is fun, this is on another level. You could see people returning to the dance floor laughing and joking….it’s infectious.

The finished product will be like the example video below but much longer. We take all the clips, vary the speeds add some cool music and voila!

If you are wondering how much space you would need: The backdrop is 9′ wide so the booth would need to be approximately 10’x20′ although we can scale down the size of the booth if we need to. It just means you would not be able to get as many people in it.

Call us about pricing, we have discounts for clients that book multiple services with us.

Contact us at 239-395-7671 to hire the slow motion video booth for your next event.

Shelby and Brandon were the Bride and Groom in this wedding. Look out for an upcoming feature on the blog. We are going

to showcase everything from the photography to the wedding film to the finished slow motion video… coming soon!


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